Change is a cross-campus collaboration bringing together faculty and students from the University of Washington with the wider community to collaborate on and explore the challenges of developing technology in the context of positive social change. The change organization seeks to make connections between researchers, outside organizations, and the public to inspire the development of new capabilities aligned with the interests of those most in need.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Community as Connectivity: The relationality of digital ecosystems in contexts of precarity

Dr. Michaelanne Thomas (she/her)

Over the past several decades, Cubans have developed multiple collective strategies to navigate extended periods of constraint and …

Building data-informed, people-centered solutions for a more fair and effective justice system

Jared Fishman (he/him) and Joanie Weaver (she/her)

Over 10 million people cycle through jails each year, mostly for low-level, non-violent offenses. Around 2 million people are living …

Culturally (Un)Aware AI

Dhruv Agarwal (he/him)

It is widely known that AI defaults to Western values and cultures, underrepresenting other cultures. In this talk, I will first show …

Towards Addressing Ableism on Social Media

Sharon Heung (she/her)

Social media is essential for the disability community as an accessible alternative to socialize with others, advocate, and educate …

Shishushurokkha: A transformative justice approach for combating child sexual abuse in Bangladesh

Sharifa Sultana (she/her)

The challenge of designing against child sexual abuse becomes more complicated in conservative societies where talking about sex is …

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