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Below are a few of the Change projects. If you are interested in participating, please contact the project leaders directly.

  • Open Data Kit: A free and open-source set of tools which help organizations create mobile data collection systems.
  • JavaRosa: An open-source platform for using XForms to do data collection on mobile devices.
  • CommCare: Provides a tool for community health workers to perform their day-to-day tasks.
  • iSante EMR: An electronic medical record that supports both individual and population health care of patients in Haiti.
  • OpenELIS Global: An enterprise laboratory information system for resource poor international clinical laboratories.
  • Public Access to ICT in Colombia: Users and uses of telecenters, libraries and cybercafes in Colombia.
  • Global Public Access to ICT: Landscape of access to ICT in libraries, telecenters and cybercafes in 25 countries.
  • e-IMCI: Puts the IMCI child health protocols onto a PDA to improve service delivery at the point of care.
  • SPACE: A system to support district-level decision-making in national cold chain systems.
  • FoneAstra: A low-cost, programmable device that extends capabilities of mobile phones.
  • SmartConnect: Hardware device to help health facilities report on the vaccine cold chain to health ministries.
  • Mobile Midwives’ Ultrasound: Provides an inexpensive ultrasound designed for midwives in low-income regions.
  • mScan: Using computer vision to capture and process data from paper forms.
  • Point-of-Care Diagnostics: Mobile test analysis to improve diagnosis at the point of care in developing countries.
  • Technology and Disability: Workshops and other resources on technology and disability in the developing world.
  • MDPhone: Creates a portable medical platform that enables telemedicine and basic medical diagnostic assistance.
  • OpenMRS Appliance: Easy way to try OpenMRS without installing and configuring the requirements.
  • Digital Study Hall: Improves education for poor rural schools by mediating instruction using videos of expert teachers.
  • MultiLearn: Creates a multi-player educational game which incorporates multiple input and split-screen UI.
  • StarBus: Provides transportation support in Kyrgyzstan by providing riders with reliable bus route data.
  • Simple OpenMRS: A simple interface for doctors and nurses to find HIV patient data in the OpenMRS system.
  • SmartVMS: Provides a cost-sensitive option for voice-based messaging.
  • uber router: A router for managing low bandwidth, high latency, intermittent connections in low-income regions.

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