CSE 590C1

CSE 590C1 is the Change seminar. This fall we will be alternating between talks by invited speakers and group discussions. Those who sign up for credit will be asked to participate in leading one of the discussions (this requires very little work and can be done in groups). If you are unable to enroll, feel free to come to any of the meetings you are interested in attending! The seminar is available for all UW students, faculty and staff and the content is designed to be widely accessible. We encourage students from all departments to enroll/attend if interested.

CSE 590F

CSE 590F is a seminar that looks at work in the ICTD space. Reading and discussing papers in the area, invited speakers, and focusing on specific areas where ICTD can have impact have all been themes of the course. This quarter, the seminar presents a series of talks highlighting work at University of Washington on computing and information technology for low income regions. Undergraduate students, graduate students, research scholars, and faculty are all welcome.


CSEP 590B is an introduction to the mobile phone as the first truly ubiquitous computing device. Topics include: evolution of the cell phone, the mobile web, location and navigation, sensors and context-awareness, transport protocols, user interfaces, social media, relationship to tablets and netbooks, application domains including participatory sensing, citizen science, micro-blogging, and health. The course will consist of readings, discussion, and short research or implementation projects.

The classes below are no longer being offered, but you might find the curriculum on the course websites useful.


CSE490Y/CSE599Y is aimed at creating modules for Open Data Kit for immediate application in projects around the world ranging from public health to deforestation monitoring.
Undergraduate students should view the course as a way to learn about programming on Android and AppEngine platforms while having the ability to quickly field test their work. Graduate students will find quals project candidates that could lead to longer-term research projects in HCI, networking, vision, embedded systems, software engineering, etc.

TC 496/596

The Digital Games Research Group brings together people who are interested in games, gaming, interaction, community, underserved populations, and mobile devices. We want to (a) research how games provide implicit and explicit messaging through play, (b) how to repurpose or redesign that messaging to further social impact goals, and, (c) testing and deploying games on mobile platforms in international and domestic contexts. Our primary goal will be to develop and deploy at least two games that help further the goals of international and community development projects.

CSE 590B

CSE 590B is a course on Computing and the Developing World offered in the UW CSE Professional Master’s Program and procides an introduction to the growing field of ICTD. It looks at core technologies (cell phones, networking, open source, PCs, radio), application domains (health, education, agriculture, microfinance, governance) and case studies. As this was a distance course between UW, Microsoft, and Lahore University, slides, readings, and recorded lectures are available from the website.

CSE 590A

CSE 590A focuses on the study of recent issues of technology and development within engineering, business and the social sciences. Topics include prominent past and future technological directions, a general introduction to subject theory and history, and engineering efforts and technology adoption experiences in the areas of healthcare, education, governance and infrastructure. For general interest students as well as professionals working with technology adoption or business interests in emerging markets.

CSE 490D

CSE 490D is a three quarter sequence which forms a year-long capstone design experience for undergrad computer science students. The Winter 2008 theme for the course was “Technology for Low-Income Regions”. Check out the final video.