Two ICTD CHI Talks: Aditya Vashistha and Trevor Perrier

Please join us this week in the Change Seminar.  Aditya Vashistha and Trevor Perrier will be presenting work from published at CHI 2015 happening next week.

What: Two ICTD CHI Talks: Aditya Vashistha and Trevor Perrier

When: Tuesday, April 14 at 12pm

Where: The Allen Center, CSE 203

Paper Abstracts

Engaging Pregnant Women in Kenya with a Hybrid  Computer-Human SMS Communication System

A growing body of HCI4D research studies the use of SMS communication to deliver health and information services to underserved populations. This paper contributes a novel dimension to this field of study by examining if a hybrid computer-human SMS system can engage pregnant women in Kenya in health-related communication. Our approach leverages the different strengths of both the computer and the human. The computer automates the bulk-sending of personalized messages to patients, allowing the human to read patients’ replies and respond to those in need of attention. Findings from a 12-month deployment with 100 women show that our approach is capable of engaging the majority of participants in health-related conversations. We show that receiving messages from the system triggers participant communication and the amount of communication increases as participants approach their expected due date. In addition, analysis of participants’ messages shows that they often contain sensitive health information conveyed through a complex mixture of languages and ‘txting’ abbreviations, all of which highlight the benefits of including a human in the workflow. Our findings are relevant for HCI researchers and practitioners interested in understanding or engaging underserved populations.
Sangeet Swara: A Community-Moderated Voice Forum in Rural India
Interactive voice forums have emerged as a promising platform for people in developing regions to record and share audio messages using low-end mobile phones. However, one of the barriers to the scalability of voice forums is the process of screening and categorizing content, often done by a dedicated team of moderators. We present Sangeet Swara, a voice forum for songs and cultural content that relies on the community of callers to curate high-quality posts that are prioritized for playback to others. An 11-week deployment of Sangeet Swara found broad and impassioned usage, especially among visually impaired users. We also conducted a follow-up experiment, called Talent Hunt, that sought to reduce reliance on toll-free telephone lines. Together, our deployments span about 53,000 calls from 13,000 callers, who submitted 6,000 posts and 150,000 judgments of other content. Using a mixed-methods analysis of call logs, audio content, comparison with outside judges, and 204 automated phone surveys, we evaluate the user experience, the strengths and weaknesses of community moderation, financial sustainability, and the implications for future systems.

Bio: Aditya Vashistha is a second year PhD student in CSE.  Prior to coming to UW he was at MSRI working with the Technologies for Emerging Markets group.  His research interests are in the domain of Information and Communication Technologies for Development, Human-Computer Interaction for Development, Social Computing and Ubiquitous Computing.

Trevor Perrier is a third year PhD student in CSE.  He works closely with UW Global health to implement SMS projects for behaviour change.  He is interested in building systems that engage individuals through ubiquitous  communication technology.

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