Neha Kumar: Community-Led Video Education for Maternal Health

The first Change Talk of the quarter is today.  Please join us and welcome Neha back as she talks about the Projecting Health project which she will be presenting at ICTD 2015 in May.

What: Community-Led Video Education for Maternal Health – Neha Kumar

When: Tuesday, April 7 at 12pm

Where: The Allen Center, CSE 203

Projecting Health: Community-Led Video Education for Maternal Health

In this talk, I will present a qualitative study of Projecting Health, a public health project we deployed in rural Uttar Pradesh (India) to address persistently high maternal and infant mortality rates. This project is based on our model of Community-led Video Education (CVE), which leverages community resources for the generation, dissemination, and assimilation of visual media. We use the lens of information flows to examine how our instantiation of CVE enables the translation of globally approved health care norms to local household practices. We also demonstrate how CVE allows for integration with current community practices, existing state-supported health care infrastructure, social and patriarchal structures, and power dynamics within our target populations to drive community participation.   A copy of the paper can be found here: ICTD2015_Kumar

Bio: Neha Kumar is a postdoctoral researcher at the Annenberg School of Communication in University of Southern California. Prior to this, she was at the University of Washington for a year, working as a postdoc with Profs. Richard Anderson and Gaetano Borriello in the Computer Science and Engineering department. She completed her PhD at the School of Information at UC Berkeley, where she was advised by Prof. Tapan Parikh.

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